Are you feeling there is something missing from your life?

Posted on 21st August, 2018

By the very nature of ourselves we continuously strive for something. Often we do not really know what that “something” is and move through our lives in hope, never actually achieving the “feeling” we are looking for no matter what we do, or how well off we are, or how full our lives are. There always seems to be a small hole, a dark place which manifests as a feeling, that there is still something missing. Why is this? Why is it so difficult to find what we are looking for? To answer this question you must look inside yourself, difficult for many, but it can be done.  By looking for the answer outside of ourselves we are burying our true needs, ignoring our deep down feelings and hoping there is something “out there” which will fill the gap.


To truly begin our own journey we must start within, we must learn to love ourselves and all of our flaws. We must accept who we are and where we are at this moment in time and begin our journey from this point. Fantasizing can be a pleasant pastime, but change requires action and if you truly wish to change the first step is to be open to taking the actions needed.


This can be scary and your worst enemy will be your ego who will constantly bombard your mind with fear full thoughts. “What will my family and friends think? What if it doesn’t work out, how will I manage to keep a roof over our heads? What if I am making a mistake? Etc., etc.


Well it isn’t surprising that the majority of people shy away from what they truly feel drawn towards because they cannot face their own mind chatter, let alone feeling the need to justify to others what they wish to do. Yet no matter how we try to ignore this deep need it is always there. It will pop up when you least expect it to maybe not in a clear way, but just a dull feeling, a certain amount of anxiety but for no apparent reason, a wistfulness but not consciously knowing why.  This is a glimpse of your true self, your true purpose and why you are here on this planet at this time.


Even if you acknowledge this, don’t think it will be easy to just tease out just what this purpose is. Remember you have spent your life so far doing what you have done, looking, achieving, growing, developing and apart from knowing there was something missing, you have no real idea what it is. In our world of immediate gratification you will find that only time and a real desire to get to know yourself will bring you closer to knowing your true purpose.


Start down this road today; for what you learn you will never forget and eventually you will know what you are here to do. How you can contribute to the evolution of this planet in a positive way. Part of this enlightenment will be helping others to consider their journey and encouraging them to find their own way. Do not judge yourself or others. Be grateful that you are now moving in the right direction by getting to know yourself and allow the rest to unfold.

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