Are you leveraging your unique traits or working against them?

  • This session will highlight the positive and negative aspects of your make-up.
  • You will better understand how to identify where your life is aligned with your true self and where you may wish to consider changes to come more into alignment to feel better about yourself and attract the best things possible into your life.
  • A follow-up support call is included.



Are you repeatedly experiencing negative results in some areas of your life?

  • This session will provide insight into how negative choices you have made and continue to uphold are affecting how you feel about yourself and attracting repeated negative results.
  • You will become aware how making new choices which align more closely with your true self will empower you to let go of the negative patterns holding you back from feelling good about yourself and attracting what you desire into your life.
  • A follow-up phone call is included.

As you make the changes in your life to realign to your true self you will experience some bumps in the road.  Whether it is relationship issues or other negative situations still cropping up further support sessions are available.


Everything is energy. Have you noticed when everything is going well in life, energy flows freely and ‘good’ things happen? Equally when you experience challenges, things going wrong, it appears everything you touch goes wrong!


Continuing to develop your understanding about your own energy and knowing the root causes of the bumps in the road really can support your journey of changing behaviours to stay in flow more often releasing negative patterns, feeling better in yourself and attracting more positive outcomes into all areas of your life.