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What does your garden tell you about yourself

Posted on 9th September, 2019


As we move though our lives we accumulate experiences, some we perceive as good, some bad. In truth we are best served going through an experience enjoying it (or not) for what it is and then moving on without storing the emotion of that experience inside ourselves, otherwise we are forever comparing our next similar experience with the one we have stored.  We are creating all the time, every choice we make has an effect both internally and externally to ourselves so why do we find it so difficult to let go of the old, let go of the past, let go of people who no longer serve us?


Choosing to stay attached limits our creativity, limits new and wonderful experiences, keeps us small by attracting more of the same into our lives and making it difficult to make changes we want to make. Just like a dustbin can only hold so much rubbish without the lid being pushed off, we are the same. We need to empty the dustbin within us to allow more in of what we want to come into us, feed our soul, lift our physical vibration and feel we are really living the life we choose to live.


If your internal energy was represented by a garden which would you be?


Total chaos




Total order




Flowing and free




Holding the energy of chaos on the inside attracts chaotic situations into our life, as like energy attracts like energy. This is a garden untended, where growth is often strangled by the biggest or the strongest plant energy throwing its weight around.


If we control everything on the inside to satisfy our sense of order we will find situations being drawn to us where we have to exert that control externally to maintain our sense of order. This is a garden which is tended to within an inch of its life. It has to look a certain way, or plants have to behave in a certain way not to spoil the order. This also restricts growth as the natural tendencies are often stifled for the sake of keeping everything tidy, orderly and looking as you expect it to look.


Both of these garden representations do not provide the healthiest environment for the gardens to grow and reach their full glory. Within ourselves those situations being attracted put a lot of pressure on our minds, bodies and souls to cope with our day to day life experiences. There is considerable energetic resistance creating energetic depletion of our energy, so we have insufficient energy to maintain us. We may experience aches, pains, or illness over time if we continue to keep on doing the same things in the same way.


Alternatively, if we tend our garden without judging and create the environment where each flower has the space and conditions to reach its full potential without pressure to perform in any particular way the results will be more natural and beautiful. Each plant can access the energy it needs to be what it is and do what it naturally does. There is no resistance and so more energy is available for growth, maintenance and good health.


So if we choose to wake each day and experience the energy for what it is (new energy), not what we expect it to be (comparing with yesterday) and choose not to judge (old patterns of thought and behaviour), but to go with the new energy without becoming attached to it (open mind), then the energy can flow through us freely as there is no resistance. This is what living in the moment means and with no resistance we have more energy available to us for the optimal support of our mind, body and soul. This is a garden where growth is supported in a natural healthy way.


We struggle to let go of those people and situations which no longer serve often because we have chosen to listen to the same repeated thoughts and follow through with the same repeated actions so often we don’t even consciously thing about it! This is being asleep, this is the opposite of living in the moment and is letting life pass us by sadly without even realising it.


Take a look at your garden and see if it tells you something about how you are choosing to live your life, I know which garden I aspire to.

Are you burying your head in the sand?

Posted on 21st March, 2019

The winds of change are all around us, we can try to block the winds to keep everything the same or we can flow with the winds, embrace change and enjoy the journey. When we create blocks, by putting up barriers, becoming stubborn, not listening to others points of view we stem the tide of our own energy by holding too tight to the status quo. We feel fearful, defensive and sometimes angry or frustrated.


The cycle of life is just that, a cycle we journey through our lifetime, learning, experiencing and choosing how we wish to view everything and everyone who comes into our lives. The term go with the flow is a real option. Energetically doing what aligns with who you are will provide a more positive outcome than digging in your heels and refusing to embrace change just because it is easier or safer to do what you have always done.


What is the point of being here if we close down our options, refusing to acknowledge the new and different by burying our head in the sand?  Choosing the unknown you will feel the energy course through your body, you will be more alert and engaged, very much aware of what is happening and how you feel about it energetically. Your body may feel like you are experiencing  nerves or anxiety, yet the positive side of this energy is nervous excitement wanting to see what happens but not knowing how things will turn out.  These feelings are normal and if welcomed will bring many new and varied experiences into your life, create special memories and encourage you to remain in flow more often. You will begin to sense more easily the difference between your mind telling you a story to keep you trudging along doing the same old, same old and your body beginning to zing as it senses another opportunity to feel truly alive.


Whatever the outcome of living more in flow it will never be boring, uneventful or a waste of time. It will broaden your horizons, help you meet new people, go to different places, join in events you never would have thought of, read a book at random, watch a film you have never considered, try something new and different just because you can! How often have your heard people say they would love to do something but then reel off numerous reasons why now is not a good time? Embrace now, putting off today often means missing out on an opportunity which will never be there again. You can choose to jump in and see what it brings and be glad you gave it a go or carry the thought of what might have been every day of your life.


Even if the experience is overwhelming at the time the sense of achievement having done it or tried it is amazing. So live fully, embrace every possible change as an opportunity and don’t look back!

What does Freedom mean to you?

Posted on 21st January, 2019


What freedom means is different to each of us however; universally it is associated with being able to make choices freely. Often people mistakenly believe that achieving the next goal, getting their next job, buying their next home will bring the freedom they crave closer. Unfortunately putting it off until another day energetically pushes it away.



You live in a democracy, are able to choose your job your home, your relationships and how you spend your leisure time so are you experiencing freedom?  All of these material things are external to you, things you have become attached to and may fear to lose. Do these material things allow you to feel freedom or is the weight of responsibilities and obligation what you feel?


I choose the word “allow” because on the inside your divine self may be feeling anything but freedom. You may be so used to fitting in and doing what is expected of you, often without question. Yet if you choose to become more focussed on listening to your own internal guidance you may make different choices which energetically feel much better and more aligned with who you are.


Energetically you attract more freedom into your life when you create an attitude of freedom within your everyday activities. Spending your days feeling stressed, too busy with no time for yourself will attract more situations which keep that same energy in place. Feeling you are free to choose to fill your days and loving how much that freedom enables you to get so much done in your life will attract more freedom.


Think about what activities give you the feeling of freedom, no matter how small or inconsequential. It may be something as small as finding half an hour to enjoy a quiet cup of tea, a walk in nature or playing with your children or pet or the precious time when the children are asleep in bed.  Whatever it is bask in the feeling of choosing freedom and know as you do you will attract more situations energetically which will give you the opportunity to choose freedom.


Freedom energy is yours to choose from within you now at this moment, by feeling free to have chosen to take the time to read this blog. Tap into that feeling for the rest of the activities you choose to participate in today and see how different your outcomes can be!

Who am I?

Posted on 2nd October, 2018

Are you more than comfortable to talk about how you adapt your life to support your loved ones, no matter how difficult?  Yet if I asked you to make small changes that would be beneficial to improving your relationship with yourself, would you find this way more difficult?  All of a sudden you may hear yourself saying “there isn’t the time available”, or “I feel guilty doing something for me at the expense of time with my family” or a myriad of other excuses. Yes you did hear right I said excuses.


In reality every one of us to a greater or lesser degree is afraid of really looking inside at the bits of ourselves we choose to hide or supress by asking “Who am I?” Have you disowned or separated parts of your true self and buried them deep within?  We are energetic beings and energy needs to flow in and out for us to maintain good health and vitality. The more of your true nature energy you choose to bury the more difficult it is to maintain your energy levels and create the life you desire. Instead you become tired, lose interest, manifest stress and feel you are going through the motions each day but not enjoying life.


If you imagine your energy body as a physical body, it is a bit like chopping off a limb and hoping it doesn’t affect your life too much! Of course burying parts of your true nature does affect every aspect of your life. You may experience this through low energy levels, challenging relationships, poor health and of course through the negative situations which you attract into your experience.


If this is you, consider having a Soul Profile reading and finding out who you really are at soul level. This is a great foundation stone to enable you to begin make changes in your life which allow you to become more in tune with the real you, the loving soul you really are. You will begin to stand in your own power and create more things in your life that you desire.


The old adage is true. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. Take a stand for you and choose to make a difference to your own experience. The more you express your true self, the more your family and friends will benefit too.



Posted on 30th August, 2018

On my own journey of self-discovery I have often been told by my teachers that I just need to let go. It sounds so easy, but in reality I have struggled to understand what I am really supposed to do to let go. My teachers were being kind to me, what I now understand is that I have been standing in my own way! In other words I don’t have to do anything I just have to be.


For example, the way I am wired I get immense satisfaction out of achieving each step towards any goal I set, I would go so far as to say I enjoy the journey more than actually achieving the goal! For me I am inspired by who I become rather than what I have achieved. What I have learned and how I can use this to be of service to others in an authentic way. 


The downside of this approach energetically is I become very attached to each step.  The consequence of holding the energy too tight is that I restrict its natural flow. When anything is being created it takes on energy of its own and the creative process is to contribute to, be a part of growing that energy, to guide but not to manipulate or control or we may energetically miss opportunities or inputs which can change the outcome from good to amazing!


When we hold anything too close we experience loss when that step or project is completed, or if it is a relationship when that person moves on.  What I now recognise is that where that has happened I have resisted the natural energetic flow by holding on too tight and not recognising fully that I am meant to play my part in creating and developing something in the knowledge that it is meant to grow, change and ultimately move on.


Nothing ever stays the same energetically as every choice we make is constantly creating and shifting our world around us. So instead of feeling sad I choose to feel great that by letting go I am supporting the natural flow of the creative energy to expand and become the best it can be and I am grateful to have played my part in it.

By the very nature of ourselves we continuously strive for something. Often we do not really know what that “something” is and move through our lives in hope, never actually achieving the “feeling” we are looking for no matter what we do, or how well off we are, or how full our lives are. There always seems to be a small hole, a dark place which manifests as a feeling, that there is still something missing. Why is this? Why is it so difficult to find what we are looking for? To answer this question you must look inside yourself, difficult for many, but it can be done.  By looking for the answer outside of ourselves we are burying our true needs, ignoring our deep down feelings and hoping there is something “out there” which will fill the gap.


To truly begin our own journey we must start within, we must learn to love ourselves and all of our flaws. We must accept who we are and where we are at this moment in time and begin our journey from this point. Fantasizing can be a pleasant pastime, but change requires action and if you truly wish to change the first step is to be open to taking the actions needed.


This can be scary and your worst enemy will be your ego who will constantly bombard your mind with fear full thoughts. “What will my family and friends think? What if it doesn’t work out, how will I manage to keep a roof over our heads? What if I am making a mistake? Etc., etc.


Well it isn’t surprising that the majority of people shy away from what they truly feel drawn towards because they cannot face their own mind chatter, let alone feeling the need to justify to others what they wish to do. Yet no matter how we try to ignore this deep need it is always there. It will pop up when you least expect it to maybe not in a clear way, but just a dull feeling, a certain amount of anxiety but for no apparent reason, a wistfulness but not consciously knowing why.  This is a glimpse of your true self, your true purpose and why you are here on this planet at this time.


Even if you acknowledge this, don’t think it will be easy to just tease out just what this purpose is. Remember you have spent your life so far doing what you have done, looking, achieving, growing, developing and apart from knowing there was something missing, you have no real idea what it is. In our world of immediate gratification you will find that only time and a real desire to get to know yourself will bring you closer to knowing your true purpose.


Start down this road today; for what you learn you will never forget and eventually you will know what you are here to do. How you can contribute to the evolution of this planet in a positive way. Part of this enlightenment will be helping others to consider their journey and encouraging them to find their own way. Do not judge yourself or others. Be grateful that you are now moving in the right direction by getting to know yourself and allow the rest to unfold.