Posted on 30th August, 2018

On my own journey of self-discovery I have often been told by my teachers that I just need to let go. It sounds so easy, but in reality I have struggled to understand what I am really supposed to do to let go. My teachers were being kind to me, what I now understand is that I have been standing in my own way! In other words I don’t have to do anything I just have to be.


For example, the way I am wired I get immense satisfaction out of achieving each step towards any goal I set, I would go so far as to say I enjoy the journey more than actually achieving the goal! For me I am inspired by who I become rather than what I have achieved. What I have learned and how I can use this to be of service to others in an authentic way. 


The downside of this approach energetically is I become very attached to each step.  The consequence of holding the energy too tight is that I restrict its natural flow. When anything is being created it takes on energy of its own and the creative process is to contribute to, be a part of growing that energy, to guide but not to manipulate or control or we may energetically miss opportunities or inputs which can change the outcome from good to amazing!


When we hold anything too close we experience loss when that step or project is completed, or if it is a relationship when that person moves on.  What I now recognise is that where that has happened I have resisted the natural energetic flow by holding on too tight and not recognising fully that I am meant to play my part in creating and developing something in the knowledge that it is meant to grow, change and ultimately move on.


Nothing ever stays the same energetically as every choice we make is constantly creating and shifting our world around us. So instead of feeling sad I choose to feel great that by letting go I am supporting the natural flow of the creative energy to expand and become the best it can be and I am grateful to have played my part in it.

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