Who am I?

Posted on 2nd October, 2018

Are you more than comfortable to talk about how you adapt your life to support your loved ones, no matter how difficult?  Yet if I asked you to make small changes that would be beneficial to improving your relationship with yourself, would you find this way more difficult?  All of a sudden you may hear yourself saying “there isn’t the time available”, or “I feel guilty doing something for me at the expense of time with my family” or a myriad of other excuses. Yes you did hear right I said excuses.


In reality every one of us to a greater or lesser degree is afraid of really looking inside at the bits of ourselves we choose to hide or supress by asking “Who am I?” Have you disowned or separated parts of your true self and buried them deep within?  We are energetic beings and energy needs to flow in and out for us to maintain good health and vitality. The more of your true nature energy you choose to bury the more difficult it is to maintain your energy levels and create the life you desire. Instead you become tired, lose interest, manifest stress and feel you are going through the motions each day but not enjoying life.


If you imagine your energy body as a physical body, it is a bit like chopping off a limb and hoping it doesn’t affect your life too much! Of course burying parts of your true nature does affect every aspect of your life. You may experience this through low energy levels, challenging relationships, poor health and of course through the negative situations which you attract into your experience.


If this is you, consider having a Soul Profile reading and finding out who you really are at soul level. This is a great foundation stone to enable you to begin make changes in your life which allow you to become more in tune with the real you, the loving soul you really are. You will begin to stand in your own power and create more things in your life that you desire.


The old adage is true. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. Take a stand for you and choose to make a difference to your own experience. The more you express your true self, the more your family and friends will benefit too.


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