What does Freedom mean to you?

Posted on 21st January, 2019


What freedom means is different to each of us however; universally it is associated with being able to make choices freely. Often people mistakenly believe that achieving the next goal, getting their next job, buying their next home will bring the freedom they crave closer. Unfortunately putting it off until another day energetically pushes it away.



You live in a democracy, are able to choose your job your home, your relationships and how you spend your leisure time so are you experiencing freedom?  All of these material things are external to you, things you have become attached to and may fear to lose. Do these material things allow you to feel freedom or is the weight of responsibilities and obligation what you feel?


I choose the word “allow” because on the inside your divine self may be feeling anything but freedom. You may be so used to fitting in and doing what is expected of you, often without question. Yet if you choose to become more focussed on listening to your own internal guidance you may make different choices which energetically feel much better and more aligned with who you are.


Energetically you attract more freedom into your life when you create an attitude of freedom within your everyday activities. Spending your days feeling stressed, too busy with no time for yourself will attract more situations which keep that same energy in place. Feeling you are free to choose to fill your days and loving how much that freedom enables you to get so much done in your life will attract more freedom.


Think about what activities give you the feeling of freedom, no matter how small or inconsequential. It may be something as small as finding half an hour to enjoy a quiet cup of tea, a walk in nature or playing with your children or pet or the precious time when the children are asleep in bed.  Whatever it is bask in the feeling of choosing freedom and know as you do you will attract more situations energetically which will give you the opportunity to choose freedom.


Freedom energy is yours to choose from within you now at this moment, by feeling free to have chosen to take the time to read this blog. Tap into that feeling for the rest of the activities you choose to participate in today and see how different your outcomes can be!

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