Are you burying your head in the sand?

Posted on 21st March, 2019

The winds of change are all around us, we can try to block the winds to keep everything the same or we can flow with the winds, embrace change and enjoy the journey. When we create blocks, by putting up barriers, becoming stubborn, not listening to others points of view we stem the tide of our own energy by holding too tight to the status quo. We feel fearful, defensive and sometimes angry or frustrated.


The cycle of life is just that, a cycle we journey through our lifetime, learning, experiencing and choosing how we wish to view everything and everyone who comes into our lives. The term go with the flow is a real option. Energetically doing what aligns with who you are will provide a more positive outcome than digging in your heels and refusing to embrace change just because it is easier or safer to do what you have always done.


What is the point of being here if we close down our options, refusing to acknowledge the new and different by burying our head in the sand?  Choosing the unknown you will feel the energy course through your body, you will be more alert and engaged, very much aware of what is happening and how you feel about it energetically. Your body may feel like you are experiencing  nerves or anxiety, yet the positive side of this energy is nervous excitement wanting to see what happens but not knowing how things will turn out.  These feelings are normal and if welcomed will bring many new and varied experiences into your life, create special memories and encourage you to remain in flow more often. You will begin to sense more easily the difference between your mind telling you a story to keep you trudging along doing the same old, same old and your body beginning to zing as it senses another opportunity to feel truly alive.


Whatever the outcome of living more in flow it will never be boring, uneventful or a waste of time. It will broaden your horizons, help you meet new people, go to different places, join in events you never would have thought of, read a book at random, watch a film you have never considered, try something new and different just because you can! How often have your heard people say they would love to do something but then reel off numerous reasons why now is not a good time? Embrace now, putting off today often means missing out on an opportunity which will never be there again. You can choose to jump in and see what it brings and be glad you gave it a go or carry the thought of what might have been every day of your life.


Even if the experience is overwhelming at the time the sense of achievement having done it or tried it is amazing. So live fully, embrace every possible change as an opportunity and don’t look back!

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