What does your garden tell you about yourself

Posted on 9th September, 2019


As we move though our lives we accumulate experiences, some we perceive as good, some bad. In truth we are best served going through an experience enjoying it (or not) for what it is and then moving on without storing the emotion of that experience inside ourselves, otherwise we are forever comparing our next similar experience with the one we have stored.  We are creating all the time, every choice we make has an effect both internally and externally to ourselves so why do we find it so difficult to let go of the old, let go of the past, let go of people who no longer serve us?


Choosing to stay attached limits our creativity, limits new and wonderful experiences, keeps us small by attracting more of the same into our lives and making it difficult to make changes we want to make. Just like a dustbin can only hold so much rubbish without the lid being pushed off, we are the same. We need to empty the dustbin within us to allow more in of what we want to come into us, feed our soul, lift our physical vibration and feel we are really living the life we choose to live.


If your internal energy was represented by a garden which would you be?


Total chaos




Total order




Flowing and free




Holding the energy of chaos on the inside attracts chaotic situations into our life, as like energy attracts like energy. This is a garden untended, where growth is often strangled by the biggest or the strongest plant energy throwing its weight around.


If we control everything on the inside to satisfy our sense of order we will find situations being drawn to us where we have to exert that control externally to maintain our sense of order. This is a garden which is tended to within an inch of its life. It has to look a certain way, or plants have to behave in a certain way not to spoil the order. This also restricts growth as the natural tendencies are often stifled for the sake of keeping everything tidy, orderly and looking as you expect it to look.


Both of these garden representations do not provide the healthiest environment for the gardens to grow and reach their full glory. Within ourselves those situations being attracted put a lot of pressure on our minds, bodies and souls to cope with our day to day life experiences. There is considerable energetic resistance creating energetic depletion of our energy, so we have insufficient energy to maintain us. We may experience aches, pains, or illness over time if we continue to keep on doing the same things in the same way.


Alternatively, if we tend our garden without judging and create the environment where each flower has the space and conditions to reach its full potential without pressure to perform in any particular way the results will be more natural and beautiful. Each plant can access the energy it needs to be what it is and do what it naturally does. There is no resistance and so more energy is available for growth, maintenance and good health.


So if we choose to wake each day and experience the energy for what it is (new energy), not what we expect it to be (comparing with yesterday) and choose not to judge (old patterns of thought and behaviour), but to go with the new energy without becoming attached to it (open mind), then the energy can flow through us freely as there is no resistance. This is what living in the moment means and with no resistance we have more energy available to us for the optimal support of our mind, body and soul. This is a garden where growth is supported in a natural healthy way.


We struggle to let go of those people and situations which no longer serve often because we have chosen to listen to the same repeated thoughts and follow through with the same repeated actions so often we don’t even consciously thing about it! This is being asleep, this is the opposite of living in the moment and is letting life pass us by sadly without even realising it.


Take a look at your garden and see if it tells you something about how you are choosing to live your life, I know which garden I aspire to.

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